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From custom bikes and wheel building to quality accessories and parts, we’ve got you covered.
Rose Canyon Cycles was established in 1990 and has been serving the San Diego cycling community for the last 25 years. Owner Garry Jackson has been passionate about everything cycling since the Tour de France got him hooked in the 80s, and he carries that passion through to every aspect of serving his customers. Whether it be tracking down the perfect bike, building a custom one or handling maintenance and repairs, Rose Canyon Cycles consistently serves up only the very best in quality customer service.

We sell only the best racing bicycles and specialize in Italy’s finest racing machines, including Cipollini, Pinarello, SARTO and Basso. A few of the other elite brands that we carry and/or service include Colnago, Look, Bianchi and Eriksen – among many others.

We are dedicated to guiding cyclists to the right bike for them – join us today at Rose Canyon Cycles to find the perfect bike for you! From specialty bikes to custom wheel building and more, we’ve got your cycling needs covered.


ROSE CANYON CYCLES IS THE premiere high-end bike shop in Sd.


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    Unlike other brands, we do have a face to represent us. Mario Cipollini, superstar sprinter and winner of over 100 world championships, conceived the bike of his dream and materialized in...
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    Pinarello F8…Here is the eighth wonder! The eighth generation of DOGMA creates a play of words that can become a perfect advertising slogan: The Eighth Dogma … the eighth wonder...
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    Sarto Antonio, finest handmade custom bicycles since 1950. Together with our customers and their feedback we aim at continuously improving our frames to offer a unique and fantastic riding experience to...
  • Basso read.


    WHOWEARE: WEAREPEOPLEWEAREWORKERSWEAREDREAMERS Basso, where artisan skills and aeronautical technology meet. Tradition and Innovation. We represent a reality where artisan tradition and continuos innovation bound together daily to enhance what...